Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day Three of Guys with No Shirts

But first, this now seemingly daily picture of NeighborMan wielding his trusty blower on the street. You gotta wonder how much gas he's buying to do all this blowing....


And DrunkNeighbor provided us with some entertainment today as well. He spends most of his time in the garage smoking and drinking, but he also ventures out to talk to us from time to time, as well as going out to do his handyman jobs (people come and pick him up). Today, he ventured out for an entirely different reason.


Remember the lemurs that weren't lemurs? Well one of them is still hanging around - and DrunkNeighbor feeds him Ritz Crackers and ham.


I noticed this when I went outside to inspect my lovely new roof!


They still aren't quite finished. They ran out of metal and have to come back tomorrow to finish up. One more night of equipment in the driveway.


Back to the coon... I called ZBoy and Darling Man to look. He/She eats readily enough from DrunkNeighbor's hand, but spooks when he tries to pet it. Advance. Retreat. Advance. Retreat. Never underestimate the power of a piece of ham...




As I turned to go back into the house (raccoon, apparently sated, climbed up the tree for a doze), I noticed this:


It just looked odd. Perhaps because the Guys with No Shirts had dirty hands and it really kind of stands out with the grub marks. Or maybe it's because there are new nails in there, whereas the old ones had been painted over and it wasn't as obvious. And the cut along the roof line on the garage seems a bit jagged. Am I going to have to do some exterior painting too? Or will it wash off eventually?


I will not judge yet. As my father is fond of saying, "Women and Fools should not see half-finished things." Or as my mother is fond of saying, "Men and Fools should never see half-finished projects - they jump in and try to fix something that's not broken or start putting things away before you're finished with them."

Perhaps when the Guys with No Shirts finally leave for good tomorrow, things will look a bit tidier.


nikki said...

Feeding a wild raccoon? Is the drunk man NUTS?!

Hopefully they will properly flash and seal the jagged cuts by the garage. Or something. Complain until they fix it right.

Jeff said...

Hopefully drunk neighbor never finds your blog. That could be messy.

Anna said...

Wow, a raccoon! How cool!

I'm on my way over... ;)

They are almost as cute as skunks.