Friday, September 12, 2008

Certifiable? Maybe... may-be....

So. A little background may be necessary here.

A few years ago, we got a beautiful red betta and named him Lava. I had discovered with our first betta, Goldie, that these fish are packed with personality and somehow I wound up with a personal relationship with a fish. It took me a while to get over Goldie and when I did, Lava came to live with us.


He was nursed once through a swim bladder disorder, which apparently has low odds of recovery. Well, almost a year later, he got another one. This one, he didn't recover from and Lava died on Wednesday morning. So very sad. He's buried in the front garden under a piece of coral.

For two days, we've been looking at his empty tank and missing him.

After Darling Man picked ZBoy up from school today, they went off to find a new betta. The closest place I could think of to find a fish was P*tSmart, so they went there.

At about 4pm, DM called me. Serious voice. "We're in trouble. Please come."

Uh-oh. Was it too much to hope that the "trouble" was in picking what color fish to get?

It was.

Meet "trouble", aka Revan.

IMG_1508 IMG_1507

Revan is an 8-month old neutered male, a cross between a golden retriever and an Australian shepard. Yes. I know. However, I think he will be a lovely addition to our family. I had a hard time getting a shot of his face (too wiggly), but perhaps this will give you an idea of how his meeting with Kida went:

Oh yeah. We also got another betta. A gorgeous white one. Meet Boo.


I think we're done, now....


Margaret said...

OMG you are so lucky! New dogs are WONDERFUL! What a little spunky guy! Very sweet! Yea for you guys!! Rescuing puppies makes me so happy!!!

(And yeah for new fishies too!!) Please keep us posted on the newest member of your family!

storyteller said...

I had no idea betta’s had such personality, and I am (of course) sorry for your loss …however it was fun to meet the new additions to your family. Molly watched the video with interest and looked at ME as if to say … can we bring a playmate home too?
Hugs and blessings,

HoosierGirl5 said...

You got a dog AND a fish! You ARE crazy!

I love the names for both.

Yeah....certifiable for sure!


nikki said...

I don't let my mom into a pet store for this very reason, she always walks out with a new pet. She has 3 dogs, 2 cats and a gecko.

Love your new additions.

Anna said...

Sorry to hear about your fishy. :(

LOVE the vid of the dogs! Can I bring Summer over so they can all play??

It seems so weird that you can get dogs in a pet shop. Never seen a dog or cat in a pet shop over here - if you want one I guess you go to a breeder or shelter.

Our pet shops only carry the usual small animals and birds.

Sayre said...

Anna - You CAN get dogs in a pet shop but they are SO expensive! And not usually very healthy. This dog was actually a part of the Big Dog Rescue program here, where people who discover they have more dog than they bargained for can turn them in and be assured that the dog will find a home (shelter animals are usually euthanized after some period of time). There are breed-specific rescue organizations, but this one caters to generally large dogs.

They have an agreement with the pet store that allows them to set up a booth Friday through Sunday inside the store in hopes that visitors to the store will take home a new friend as well. It certainly worked with my guys!

lisaschaos said...

YOu all are funny! Go to the store for a fish, come home with a dog. :) I'm sorry about Lava. *moment of silence*

Congrats on Boo!

karisma said...

LOL that is so funny! I stopped by the other day and did not get time to watch or leave a comment. Both your new pets are adorable.