Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Last weekend, we gathered together at the farm to wish Matt a happy birthday and bon voyage. While I spent much of that time sleeping on the couch, I did manage to rouse myself to join in the party. I baked the cake the night before (Matt and Andy both have an affinity for Circus Cake) and decorated it once we got out there.


Dad barbecued chicken, Mom put together some mac & cheese and baked beans and other sides and we had ourselves a feast!

IMG_0074 IMG_1497
Followed by presents! Matt got his one desire - a thumb-drive digital recorder. You know those radio guys... they like to be able to record sound wherever they go.
I love this shirt that Mom wears.

After food was consumed, people wandered off to do whatever it is they do at the farm. I headed for the couch and promptly passed out. ZBoy and Kylee explored the farm in the golf cart. After several hours of this, they came back to the house, and Dad took them out to the chicken coop to gather eggs. Kylee had never done that before and thought it was very cool. Even cooler, she got to take a half dozen that she gathered herself home with her!


Afterwards, Dad let the kids pick out the flag that would fly out by the road for the next week. He has a flagpole out there and changes flags once a week. He's starting to get quite the collection now.


After some final goodbyes on Sunday, Matt packed up his car and headed off to start a new life in Atlanta - crashing with brothers John and Andy in what has been dubbed "Man House". I hope this will be an auspicious beginning for Matt's next year of life!


cinnkitty said...

ha.ha.ha.. "The Man House" Suh-weet! :) I'm actually a little nervous about encroaching upon the Man House now.. that's an awful lot of testosterone in one place. lol

storyteller said...

I love the animals (especially the giraffe) around this nifty birthday cake! It was fun to see the photos and hear about this event. I’m glad you were well enough to participate.
Hugs and blessings,

Sandcastle Momma said...

What a great cake!!! You did a wonderful job - and sick at that.

Glad everyone had a good time!

Anna said...

So glad you're feeling better... :)

HoosierGirl5 said...

Really great cake. Looks like a great party.


Faye said...

Sounds like the perfect family gathering, Sayre. Good wishes for brothers, rest and recuperation for the travel/conference weary and memories of fun on the farm for the kiddies. And a really clever cake as well--yum-o!