Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week.  We kicked it off with a celebration of my granddaughter's 10th birthday.  ZBoy and his friend William were quite attentive to the candle-blowing ceremony. 

I remember when she couldn't reach the sink.

After the birthday celebration, I went out to the farm to paint.  Except I had to get the wall paper off first.  Behind one of the strips, I found this message:

Leave Kitchen and Bkfst Room Alone

Given how hard this part of the job was, I might be tempted to agree.  However, a whole day of scraping and the kitchen was finally wallpaper-free.

I returned the following day to paint.  Priming and painting is the easy part!!!  I cut in free-hand, then used a roller for the large patches of wall.  I rarely use tape, and I never use a dropcloth. 

Turned out pretty well, don't you think?  There's still some left to do over on the other side, but it's just some above the counter and around a window.  The vast majority of it is done.  The rest we'll do later.

These are the guest rooms I worked on today.  They are now VERY clean!  On the left, the bed closest to the camera is still waiting for its blanket to dry.  I'll go back and finish that up tomorrow. 

And that's what I've been doing all week.  Oh, and going to my job.  I do that Monday through Friday. 


Island Rider said...

Company's coming! Looks great!

joanygee said...

My goodness what a busy time! Don't your rooms look good, so cozy and welcoming.

ari_1965 said...


gayle said...

You have a lot of energy!! Your rooms look really nice! How in the world do you paint without a drop cloth?

Pamela said...

I have to nap now.