Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Monday - My Nominee for Best Invention

MOLLY of RETURN OF THE WHITE ROBIN is hosting Fun Monday for February.  Her challenge this week:  Tell us about your favorite invention or tool. Why have you selected this device? If possible, show us a picture of the invention or tool.

There are all kinds of inventions that definitely deserve mention here.  Being a huge fan of reading, my first inclination was to wax lyrical about the printing press.

But it's been a long, long week.  My brother and his new wife and her mother and aunt are coming from Korea to spend three weeks on the farm with Mom and Dad.  And really, the house hasn't been company-ready in a long time.  Mom hasn't been able to see what needed doing (until she got her cataracts removed - then, oh, the horror!!!) and Dad has been attending to other things.  Curled and crunchy centipede bodies, spider webs and a desicated frog were among the discoveries I've made in the last week.  And a lot of dust.  To tackle all of these things and more, I decided to name my mother's Big Vac as the invention of the century!

This little canister vacuum is quite deceptive in its appearance.  It's small size hides the giant bag inside that, were it not subject to such a rigorous cleaning schedule recently, could go a year between changes with regular use.  The carpet head is powerful and almost (not quite, but almost) puts my Kirby to shame.  There are other attachments too - which I used to dust baseboards, suck out the space between the carpet and wall and de-cat hair the livingroom couch.  There is absolutely no way I could have gotten through this week without this sweet little machine.  I wish I had one myself, but perhaps if I'm patient, she'll leave it to me in her will in about 20 years or so.  I expect it will still be going strong!

Now go visit Molly and see what the other participants have nominated as their greatest invention!


Jill said...

Ewww. Lol. I'm glad you went to help out. It's certainly no fun to get old/have sight issues and not be able to tell things are there. My grandma had macular degeneration and couldn't see the bugs in her candy dishes she had set out. Terrible.

Molly said...

The Big Vac sounds like it can do the job. We have a Dyson vacuum cleaner that does not have bags, which is okay. I also like the Dyson because it has a see-through dust canister. I am strangely fascinated by being able to see the dirt collected. This way I feel that the vacuum is doing its job.

Certainly, the printing press is an important invention. The invention of the press lead to so many changes in society and so many other inventions.

Georgia Girls said...

Don't you just feel good all under now! It's pretty disgusting what can be found under beds. My Hub thought he was doing me a favor by buying a new vacuum--a strap on kind with a long hose. Nope, now he does most of the vacuuming.

Pamela said...

haven't played again.. side tracked.
I love that old vac. I also can't see the dirt and need to get rid of cataracts.

Sometimes i put my reading glasses on when I go into the rest room... and oh my oh my... I see stuff and my eyes roll.