Saturday, February 05, 2011

Expecting Another Sister

I have five brothers.  Three of them have been married, but like mine, none of their first marriges stuck.  After a long period of time, I was ready to try again, but the brothers have been more gun-shy.  It actually looked like none of them would ever marry again.

Then Matt seriously fell in love with Dawon and asked her to be his wife.  They were married last October in Korea and come March, they will be married again in a second ceremony here in the States.  We are all so thrilled for him and absolutely adore his new wife.

Well, something must be in the air because another brother has popped the question!  I've only met her once, but my parents have known about Angi for a long time and just love her.  She is a former girlfriend from a younger time for Andy.  After years apart and some serious growing up time for both of them, they came together again - and this time, it became more.

I am so happy for you two - Congratulations!!!!


Sandy said...

Congratulations, Sayre, to your entire family!

joanygee said...

What great news! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Andy and his special lady.

I like what you are doing with your spaces.

Hugs to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Not me, Copper... you'll never take me alive! :D