Monday, February 07, 2011

Fun Monday - Dream Life

Molly at Return of the White Robin is our host this month and she wants to know what we'd do if we won $10 Million Dollars!!!

Well, at the moment, my piggy bank looks a lot like this one - much too thin with the ribs showing...  $10 M would do a lot to fatten up that pig!

The first thing I would do is probably universal - I'd pay off all my debts.

The second thing would be to spread the wealth around - family,
 friends and a few charities that are near and dear to my heart.  Charities that approach me with their hands out will receive nothing.  I am not fond of opportunists.

I would also spend some time traveling.  FIRST CLASS.  That way I could stretch out and lie down on those long trans-Atlantic or cross-Pacific flights!  I'd also rent an RV (or maybe buy one, what the heck) and do a tour of my own continent. 

Money would be put aside for the future - who knows what that will hold?  Illness?  A need for care?  Or just living in comfort.

And finally, my fantasy...  a log cabin in the mountains...  my summer retreat.  Small and cozy with a front porch for rocking chairs and reflection and a fireplace for chilly nights.  This would be my own personal space. 
I've already warned my husband that one day I would need a cooler place to spend my summers.  Florida is just too darned hot!!!  He loves the heat and the sun, but it makes me wilt.


Molly said...

Sayre, thank you for playing this Fun Monday. I love your skinny piggy bank picture. Traveling the country in an RV sounds fun. Maybe we should hire a driver too.

Jill said...

a 2nd house would be nice wouldn't it.

Faye said...

This is funny--just saw an old friend who's contemplating getting out of a very unsatisfactory marriage and she too wants a wooded retreat for herself instead of the burbs! Wants to raise llamas.

I'm with you on the first class travel. Hate that mash of humanity for long flights. When speaking of travel I forget, but like you, would like to explore more of our great U.S.A. And I love your new blog template--seems to be very much in tune with your current frame of mind?

Mom said...

Just get your RV before you get too old. Dad and I always planned to see the USA in our own RV. But we waited too long, and now health issues keep us home.

Pamela said...

Oh I wanna come spend a weekend with you in the mountain cabin. Please please please. My husband loves to sweat in the summer sun, too. I prefer the cooler, too.

Did you know that flying first class was on my bucket list, but I've pretty much lost my desire to fly at all.

I could have written this post!

joanygee said...

Your cabin in the mountains sounds s lovely idea. First Class travel appeals to me too.

Kim said...

Oh, yes, thanks for reminding me. A cabin in the mountains and a beach front home for the summers.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

I love the idea of having $10M. And much like you I have the same ideas on what to do with it. Although mine would be a tropical home. :)

I don't play the lottery though so I doubt I'll ever see that kind of dough. What amusing me are the people that DO play the lottery but not until it reaches $100M. I mean really? Do they not think $10M is enough to change their life? ha..ha..

karisma said...

Oh I am loving that little cabin! Can I come with?

grace said...

While you are at it, don't forget to go to Kenya!! Nice post, your piggy bank sure needs some fattening, Maybe I could talk to Henry

Sandy said...

I love this, Sayre! I wonder what it is about husbands that makes them like to be sticky and sweaty when they could be nice and cool? I could live in the mountains in a heartbeat!

I once tithed to a charity and told them that they could have 10% of my money as long as they took me off their mailing list. I told them that twice. I no longer send them money...silly people!

Anonymous said...