Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodie Bag

Every now and then, I am presented with a surprise bag or box of something.  Wednesday night, a woman at church came up to me with a bag, pulled out one thing to show me, and then we had to get on with what we were doing - so I stashed the bag safely in my car to peruse later.

Now, to be fair, I knew the bag was coming.  She's in the process of clearing some things out of her house, including some yarns and various sewing things, so I had a general idea of what I might find in there.  And she says there's more but doesn't know when she'll get around to it.

That's fine - I've got one to start with and after a busy couple of days, I opened it tonight.  Cool stuff!

First, the top booklet was the one pulled out of the bag.  It's some GORGEOUS fisherman crochet!  I looked at the directions tonight and thought I might be able to do that...  They're pretty clear (which is necessary for someone like me who has a hard time following directions) and there's patterns for the afghan, mittents, scarf and hat in there.  The others are CrossStitch magazine which also has some neat stuff in them.

Next was a small bag with various laces and trims in them.  Some were obviously machine-made, but I think a good bit of the beige and white lace might be hand-tatted.

Then, a mystery box.  I have to wonder... was that 75 cents per skein or for the whole box????    When I opened it, I found this:

Directions for crocheting a dress!  Not sure that's my cup of tea, but an interesting idea.  Under the pattern was the yarn for it:

And ONE square of the lace for the dress.  It's actually quite pretty and I was thinking it might make a nice bed cover or some thing.  The yarn is all white and very soft.

And finally - projects started but not finished.  I have no idea what these things were intended to be, but perhaps I can make them into something.  Whatever it is, it'll have to fit the amount of yarn there.

'Cause ya'll know I NEVER leave a project unfinished!!!!  **snickering**


ari_1965 said...

Oh, fun! Earlier in the month, I checked a book out of the library called One Skein Wonders. I bet there's similar for crochet folks.

ari_1965 said...

That dress is...well. Well, it's awful.

Karmyn R said...

Wow - that dress is something....I can actually see some young "hipster" wearing it and looking good in it - me, not so much.

I am proud to say I only have ONE unfinished crochet project in my closet. A baby blanket I started for a boy who will be turning 12 this year. haha - so, that pretty much sums up the last time I crocheted!

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I love that! The whole mystery box idea is very appealing. And to have all these things from long ago... it's like a message in a bottle of sorts. Maybe you can give it new life :)

Anonymous said...

The dress is nice in a crochet kind of way. And very 70's. I know styles make a cirlce and the 70's have peeked out in the last few years but I don't believe that I saw this one raise its head. LOL