Monday, November 07, 2011

A Thankful Fun Monday

November seems to be a month when many people open their eyes and look around.  Really look around.  And they see things like dwindling salaries and rising prices and the stresses of the holidays looming ahead.  But interestingly, they also start seeing the things they are grateful for in their lives. 

I'm sure the holiday of Thanksgiving being here in this month has something to do with it.  And since we're also involved in a war, Veteran's Day  might also spark some feelings of thankfulness.  But I have to wonder sometimes if it's not the changing season on its way to the harshest time of the year that spurs this looking inward for some things to get us through to Spring.

I practice daily thankfulness.  Everyday, no matter how bad or discouraging it may be, I try to find something that makes my heart happy to be beating on that particular day.  Sometimes it's just the fact that the lights come one when I flip a switch.  Sometimes it's knowing that my family loves me.  Big or small, this and every day is a good time to acknowledge it.

The first thing on my list is my own family.  A man I love and who loves me (after some major disasters in my previous love life) and this amazing, funny boy that we made together.

Then there's the rest of my family...  This all of us at that time...  Since then, we've added a few.  Two brothers got married to wonderful women and another one has a girlfriend who is becoming one of us too.

I am grateful for my job.  I can't think of much I'd rather do.  It's interesting.  I have awesome co-workers (pictured above running the camera is Nick, who died earlier this year - we still miss him), and have met some very cool people, from Mr. McFeeley to Ira Flatow to George Clinton.  Things aren't perfect, but I'd like to keep this job as long as I can because I really love working here.

I am thankful for the furry beings in my life.  My cats are wonderfully snuggly and loving.  My dogs are happy.. .  enthusiastic about spending time with us and serious about protecting us.  Even Abby, who is an old lady dog - but she's decided that this is HER house, we are HER people and she'll do everything she can to protect what's hers. 

And finally (for this particular post), I am grateful for my home.  It's strong.  It's comfortable.  It's a mess and a work in progress.  But it's ours and we'll be here for a long time to come, God willing. 

My list could go on for ages, but I'll stop here and urge you to go visit the other participants in today's Fun Monday!


And if you'd like to join in, leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list!


Faye said...

I agree with you about daily thankfulness. It may not be a formal thing, but I'm always thankful for my home, good health, a secure retirement, the freedom and means to learn new things and have adventures and the company of my old boy Willie. I am glad you have a stong family life. That is something I lack, but accept as an "it is what it is."

Oh, I'm thankful for all my blog and facebook friends like you who add so much fun and interest to my day to day! :-)

karisma said...

I think daily thankfulness is much better than only once a year. I am very thankful to have you as a friend. You are one beautiful lady! Hugs xoxox

PS LOVE the picture of the cats.

Jill said...

definitely thankful for my home

Karmyn R said...

This year I've been thankful more so than previous years. Even the little things!

And since I"m doing Nablopomo - I've been scheduling some posts days in advance, so I missed out on Fun Monday (I ranted instead, which was kind of wrong). oh well...

Pamela said...

awwww... sweet read.

Sandy said...

I love this post and I also love daily thankfulness. The joke around here is the day that the only thing for which I could be thankful was the fact that my shoe laces stayed tied. Of course, I was discussing this with my child, for whom I am ALWAYS thankful.

Thanks for reminding me to be thankful and to acknowledge those things and people for which I am thankful.