Friday, January 13, 2012

This week could have been better... but it wasn't bad

I was sick this week.  It's actually my second time in as many weeks.  The first time I also had food poisoning, which weakend me enough to catch Darling Man's cold.  I finally started feeling human again when The Boy caught the cold.  He was home for three days with it - and me with him..  Of course I caught the cold again.  I did get to work most of the days this week.  On one of those days, I got stopped by a train.  I rather like that.  This was a long one, tagged a lot.  At first I loved that they were cattle cars passing by.  I tried to look through them to see the cows and was surprised to see that they were transporting CARS in the cattle cars!  Rather funny and a little sad.  I miss the cows.

I dug out my felt and decided to make some more owls.  I also made a little red mouse. 

I experimented with this bear a little.  I think I need to play with him some more.  He looks so worried!  Maybe I'll make a few and call them worry bears.

This morning, the cupboard was bare, so when it was time to get The Boy up, I told him we'd go out to breakfast if he'd get up and get dressed right away.  It worked.

Waiting for breakfast

Ah.  Hot chocolate with enthusiastic whipped cream

Mmmm... that's the stuff!

Not a bad way to start the morning.  Breakfast to go, quick ride to school and eating in the parking lot.

So while this week started out kind of badly, the ending was pretty nice.  Not bad for a Friday the thirteenth.


B. Manatee said...

I love the pink owl, and the bear makes me laugh. I worry more about his apparent lack of pants (Village People Bear?) hehehe.

Bobbie Leigh said...

I love your projects! I only wish I could thread a needle, much less sew.

Pamela said...

breakfast together is a WIN WIN... no matter where it was.

You should have a contest to name the bear.

Beary Sad?