Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carrying Happy Around

This morning, I was the only one going to church.  Darling Man was tired and ZBoy was still sleeping.  We decided to let him sleep since he'd recently been sick and was still getting his strength back.  He didn't sleep in too long though - I was putting on my shoes when he came thumping downstairs in a panic because he thought he was late for church.  I told him we'd already decided that he didn't have to go today.  He smiled and said thanks because he really was kind of tired...

I finished putting on my shoes and picked up my purse and my white and blue canvas bag.

So...  he said, What have you got in your Magical Bag of Goodness today?  What are you working on?


He patiently told me that that's what he called that bag - Mom's Magical Bag of Goodness.  Because it always had some project in it that would be given to someone and make them happy.   You never leave home without it, he added.  It's like you carry happy around with you all the time.

Cool, huh?

**For the record, today I had several completed projects.  A baby blanket and owl for a new baby and her new older brother, and another pink owl for a little girl who just turned one this past week.**


ari_1965 said...

Well, that's nice.

Sandy said...

I love this! Magical Bag of Goodness is so much more affirmative than Schleppy Bag of Unfinished Stuff. I think I just need to change my

Thanks, Sayre, and make sure to thank the Z-man for me!

Karmyn R said...

That is awesome!

Magical Bag of Goodness - the non-drug form for happiness. More like a bag full of "love"

Bobbie Leigh said...

What a great name for your bag- and so true too!

Island Rider said...

You're raising a fine boy!

Nikki said...

Love it!