Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Milestone reached

I'm not sure when his obsession started.

Since my boy was as tall as the middle of my back, he started wanting to do the back to back measuring thing.  You know - when you take off your shoes and stand back to back while a third person eyeballs the tops of your heads to see who's taller.

I'm not tall.  In fact, I suspect I'm shrinking a little.  But my height is somewhere around 5'3" which was a lofty goal as far as my boy was concerned.  Every few months he'd want to see who was taller.  Last year was absolutely tantalizing for him...  he was almost as tall as me.

The measuring began to happen more often and each time he was this close, but not taller...  Until last Sunday.  After church, we were standing around having coffee and cookies and he suddenly looked at me and asked to be measured - right there in the middle of the Social Minute.  So we did - and he was taller than me.  Now I catch him eyeballing his dad's height.

I confess.  It made me feel a little weepy.  My boy is growing up and all that.  I'm glad of it and all the changes that are coming along.  His voice hasn't changed yet, but I can tell he's on the cusp of it.  All proof that my baby really isn't a baby anymore.

I'll miss him, that small and trusting child of mine.  I still see flashes of him though.  The other night, he called me into his room after he'd gone to bed.  He asked me for a goodnight hug and in the middle of the hug, he told me he loves me. 

I know he does - but it's so nice to hear.  I hope we can keep that part of my little boy while the rest keeps growing by leaps and bounds.


ari_1965 said...

I remember carrying a friend's child around the Minnesota State Fair. He sat on my shoulders with his little fat, dimpled legs around my neck. Much of him consisted of diaper and diaper cover. He's now 6 feet 4, with shoulders like a We're Looking for a Few Good Men poster. I'm 5.4.

--The word match is Salingra. I'm trying to decide whether that's a skin condition or a fancy alcoholic drink.

Karmyn R said...

After watching my 14th old nephew leap from ~5'2 last Christmas to 6' by July, I've been watching my son. I figure I've got another 2 years before he really starts to creep on me...but then he will leave me in the dust.

Bobbie Leigh said...

That is so sweet. I can imagine it's bittersweet to see him taller than you,a physical reminder that he is becomming and adult. As eager as I am to see what my children will become when they are older, I also want to hold on tightly to their littleness.